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Mimi's Miracle Cell Food

Mimi's Miracle Cell FoodMimi's Miracle Cell Food is specifically designed to be the highest quality, most potent oxygen supplement on the market today. Containing minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, Mimi's Miracle Cell Food also contains Mimi's Miracle Minerals, a powerful Fulvic Acid complex with over 70 trace minerals. It is not only a great value, but is of the highest potency and quality. A supercharged vitamin and mineral product that is fast acting and natural.

If you are a fan of Cellfood drops, you ought to try Mimi's Miracle Cell Food. It is an incredible oxygen supplement, packaged in a 2 ounce glass jar, instead of a 1 ounce plastic container. Liquid formula in a glass jar ensures optimal purity and longevity.

Cell Food is a great oxygen product for anyone who participates in regular exercise including runners, swimmers, bikers, climbers, those who do cross fit, and other sports. It is also a great anti-aging product supplementing acne free, clear skin, and wrinkle reduction.

We do not recommend using this as a sublingual product as it is very potent and concentrated. Instead, put 1 mL (about 1/3 of dropper) into a cup of water or other liquid product and drink.

This product is natural, vegan, non gmo, produced and manufactured in the USA.

More about Mimi's Miracle Cell Food:

  • A superior oxygen, mineral, and nutrient concentrate, providing over 70 trace minerals.
  • Compare to Cellfood, but 2 ounce glass jar instead of one ounce.
  • Contains Mimi's Miracle Minerals Fulvic Acid complex, a powerful trace mineral product.
  • Formulated to be the highest quality oxygen supplement on the planet.
  • A potent alternative to Cell Food.




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